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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some links and general info today :)

Well here it is another day already. Where does time go when you are having so much fun LOL However, I know with us fibromites "fun" is something rare. We have to take it in the sparse minutes when we can endure the pain and/or have the energy at the same time. I don't know about everyone, but for me, those two things rarely occur together. I try to pace myself - as is very important with us -- but it just doesn't seem to work. Being a type "A" personality I tend to always find 48 hours of things to do in 24. Of course it takes me about 72 hours to do what I used to be to do BF (before Fibro). I get so mad and frustrated at times that I am not able to do what I used to. I know age has some to do with it, but dang does it have to wear you out to take out the trash, do a few dishes or clean 1/2 a room? Many days just getting out of bed is a chore. I think God made me love dogs so I would have to make myself get up and let them out.  :)  Only He knows I don't have the energy to clean up after 3 of them, so not getting up is not an option. lol

I am thrilled at all the emails I got supporting my blog. I have been procrastinating about this for so long. However, I decided that although it's not fancy it's MINE and I can share my knowledge, strength and support with other Fibromites, such as myself, as that's what it's all about -- helping others! The help and support I get help in the process is just a double blessing.

I have had some medication questions from some readers. Since I am not a qualified medical professional I can only tell you what has and has not worked for me. None of what I share here is to be taken as medical advice. Talk everything over with your doctor. If he or she won't listen them it's time to find another one! My first Doc told me I'd be cured in 6 months - what an idiot!! One of the MOST IMPORTANT things for us is to have a doctor who truly understands our condition, is compassionate and is up to date on the latest treatments. Since I was diagnosed in 2000 there have been many new medications and treatments that have become available. Believe me I have tried almost all of them. Tomorrow I will let you know what meds, treatments. etc I have tried and if the worked or didn't work. Well -- er -- as many as my foggy little brain (and hubby) can remember. :)

For now these are the current medications and treatments I am receiving:
Cymbalta - I just started on this Monday so not sure how it's going to work, but it feels OK for now. (Coming off my old medication and switching to this is another story - for another day.)
Water Therapy - I will start this again next week. I have I have had it before in North Carolina and it worked great.
Trigger point injections - OH my Lord - if there's a place you can have them - then I've been stuck there lol Some worked and some didn't. Again it depends on who the Doc is that is giving them to you. My best experiences have been with Rheumatologists and Anesthesiologists. I just had one in the palm of my hand for a "trigger finger" and one in my hip last week. I am happy to say that they both worked! 
Ambien - this helps with my sleep but I rarely take it. It makes me too tired and gives me a headache if I take it for 2 or 3 days in a row.
Soma - generic - I take this a muscle relaxer once a day. It was prescribed 3 times a day but I know how addicting it can be so I won't let myself take that much.
Lorazepam - another one for the muscles and joints. It helps me be able to relax and sleep.  
Nexium - for acid reflux

OK so now you know most of my secret meds that keep me going. :) Many of these are VERY expensive. If you do not have insurance or are on a limited income - like most of us. Come back tomorrow and I will have some links for you to find out how the drug manufacturer may GIVE them to you.  

I wish everyone a virtually pain free day -- sending gentle hugs to all. (Isn't it a shame that we can't even stand to receive a BIG hug without cringing!) Don't forget to leave your comments and questions here so I can address the things you want to know about. A couple of links that may help you out with some of your Fibro questions :)

Love, Hugs n Blessings -- Darla

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