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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updates and supplements

Hi all - Sorry I haven't been here for a few days, but have been busy trying to design cards. I will have a new "charity" freebie up soon. Have been going to PT - water therapy - twice a week and it seems to be helping. However, Medicare only pays for a maximum of 8 visits. I am blessed though as the place where I go will let you come back when you want for only $3 per visit. So I hope I can keep up with it.

I did want to include a short message here about all the supplements you hear about for Fibro. It seems like every one in their brother has a "quick fix" for us. However, PLEASE check with your doctor or Pharmacist before you take them. Many medications start with the same "herbs" that these companies are trying to sell you. Many of them are nothing but sugar pills to make you "think" you feel better and TAKE YOUR MONEY. Others will counteract the medications you are taking and can cause serious side effects. Be sure and checkout some of the links I have posted to find new reseach and medications that are proven to work.

I have a link to get a free Fibromyalgia cookbook, if anyone would like to try it. I CANNOT attest to it's helpfulness, as I haven't tried it but eating healthy never hurt anyone. Please email me if you are interested.

Well it's to bed for me I have a long day tomorrow. Hope to be back very soon! Till then I wish everyone a blessed and pain free day. 

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